Last week I rounded up several Leap Year Frog Party Foods. This week I have lots of Leap Year Frog Party Games for you! Whether you want sitting-still activities or jumping-around entertainment, you’ll find both fine- and gross-motor skill games for your favorite frog lovers below. So, if you’re planning a little frog-related get-together, you’ll “toadally” love these!

When your guests arrive, set the tone of your party with this free Frog Parking sign from Teachers Pay Teachers. By the way, this is an excellent website for teachers and parents who are looking for educational activities and lesson plans.

While the kids are all excited, play the Frog Toss Game. The instructions for making this quick and easy cardboard frog box are compliments of Linda at Little Family Fun.

I’ve seen lots of lily pads for sale at party stores, but why go to that expense when you can make your own in minutes. This Lily Pad Hop Game from Toddler Approved comes with instructions for making the lily pads and playing various “hoppy” games that your kids will love.

Family Fun has a free Froggy Hopscotch game that can be adapted for different ages. It doesn’t take long to put the hopscotch game together. As a matter of fact, making it could be a great craft to do together with your kids.

One Charming Party provides a free Pin the Kiss on the Frog printable for your princes and princesses to enjoy. Aren’t the kissy-lips adorable? I saw one version of the game that had little girls put lipstick on their cute little lips and then actually kiss the frog! That would be great fun (as long as nobody had a cold!)

When it’s time to settle down, try this Frog Maze from Print Activities. My kids absolutely LOVED doing mazes when they were little. It really helped with their fine-motor skills too.

My kids also liked dot-to-dots. That’s how they learned to count while they were still toddlers. (Have I told you that all my kids are above-average? And we don’t even live in Lake Wobegon;-) This free Frog Dot-to-Dot is brought to you from the folks at Crayola.

Do you have budding artists in your midst? If so, this How to Draw a Frog Coloring Pages from Free Printable Coloring Pages is the perfect Leap Year party activity.

If you need frog-themed prize tokens, cupcake decorations, or some other sticker-sized printable, look no further. Scribd offers these cute little free Leap Year printables.

Do you remember making Paper Jumping Frogs back in grade school? I even made them in high school physics class for a unit on potential energy. The Artists Helping Children blog has a photo-rich tutorial for making these fun origami frogs. I bet your kids would love to compete in a frog jumping game when their frogs were made.

Your guests won’t want to leave without a bagful of froggy goodies. Mr. Printables has free printable party favor bags in both large and small size. Putting these together could be another Leap Year craft activity to do with the kids.

If you need a durable laminated tablecloth to protect your table from all your frog party games, crafts, and foods, check out Bright Settings’ Solid Color Washable Laminates. This Hunter Green would be perfect on your Leap Year Party buffet.

Our laminate tablecloths also come in white, ivory, navy, and burgundy. They wipe off easily with a sponge or can be thrown in a cool washing machine and low-temp dryer. How easy is that? If you want fabric swatches to see for yourself how durable (and fashionable) this laminated tablecloth is, check out our free sample program or contact one of our knowledgeable salespeople at 1-800-327-6025 during regular business hours. You’ll toadally love our linens!