I love patio tables with umbrellas. They make outdoor dining comfortable when the sun is bearing down on the patio. The only problem with umbrella tables is that you can’t just buy a regular tablecloth off the shelf. You have to either buy a specialty tablecloth that has an umbrella hole already built in or you have to modify a store-bought tablecloth by adding an umbrella hole yourself. If you’re the handy type, here are seven ways to do just that. If you’re not real handy with a needle and thread, scroll to the last paragraph for another great option.

Here’s a No-Sew Patio Tablecloth with an Umbrella Hole from Pretty Handy Girl. Brittany uses a double-sided fusible tape and a product that stops fraying to add an umbrella hole to her tablecloth.

eHow has a great tutorial about How to Make Tablecloths for Patio Tables with Umbrellas. No matter what size your table, you won’t have any problem following these step-by-step instructions.

Table and umbrella on veranda

You can always count on Martha Stewart for good instructions. Check out her excellent video on making an Umbrella Hole Tablecloth.

A Mama With Ideas . . . has a great idea about how to make a Quick, No-Sew Tablecloth for a Picnic Table with an Umbrella Hole. She uses a curtain grommet! Ingenious.

One Good Thing by Jillee has a handy hack, too. First of all, her “tablecloth” is actually a quilted bedspread. Jillee likes the weight of this textile because it doesn’t blow around. She made the umbrella hole by adding bias tape. You can make your own or buy a package at your favorite sewing store.

Sunnyside Ellen used store-bought bias tape when modifying her patio tablecloth too, but she also used buttons! This was a big improvement over the zipper closure that she had before that didn’t look nice and ended up breaking.

Over at Fabric Bliss, you can see how to add Velcro to make an awesome outdoor umbrella tablecloth. Jen made her tablecloth from scratch and customized it to the exact size of her table. She obviously knows her way around a sewing machine.

If you’d rather not go to the trouble of making an umbrella table tablecloth from scratch or even modifying an existing tablecloth by adding a hole, Bright Settings has outdoor tablecloths with umbrella holes that will work great on your patio table. For a $3 upcharge, any vinyl tablecloth can have an umbrella hole added. Depending on the fabric, some tablecloths have Velcro closures and some have finished holes in the center. Just click “yes” to adding an umbrella hole when ordering. If you have any questions, contact us at 800-327-6025 during normal business hours or send us a message any time of day. Our knowledgeable salespeople can answer all your questions about umbrella table tablecloths.