Earth Day is celebrated around the world on April 22 of every year. What could be better than making Earth Day themed snacks for your family? We’ve rounded up our top ten Earth Day recipes and ideas.

Let’s start with dessert. What Will We Do Today blog turns an ordinary chocolate cake into a Compost Cake by adding pretzel logs and gummy worms. I’ve seen them made with Kit-Kat bars as a fence around the cake too. Either would look great on your dinner table.

I Wanna Cupcake blog has a photo gallery of cupcakes that are absolutely adorable. I like this Pull-Cupcake Tree. I never realized you could decorate cupcakes by pushing them all together and frosting them as a unified piece. There is no recipe, but if you know how to use a piping bag with a large tip, you could make this wonderful cupcake tree pretty easily.

Don’t feel like baking? This Compost Cupcake can be bought from Cupcake Royale Bakery in Seattle and sent to you frozen. I love all the good ingredients they rolled the top in such as coconut, oats, chocolate chips, crumbles and potato chips. I’m not so sure about the coffee grounds, but I could probably force myself to try one of these cupcakes. For experimental purposes only, of course.

Anna from The Imagination Tree used actual terra cotta pots to make these Easy Flower Pot Cupcakes. I especially like how she added a carnation by putting its stem in a green straw.

As the name suggests, this Raw Chocolate Superfood Pudding was made from raw, healthy ingredients such as almond milk, chia seeds, and cacao powder in Sonnet’s Kitchen. I love the sprig of mint on top. This is a guilt-free snack you can feel good about serving your family.

Everybody has heard of dirt cakes, but Jessica from Mothering With Creativity shows how to get the kids involved making these individual snack cups. They’d be perfect for an Earth Day party at pre-school.

Jacks & Kate came up with this adorable Earth Food snack. The green canopy of leaves is just melted green candy melts piped on top of a pretzel stick. The dirt is made from crushed Oreos.

Here’s the perfect lunchbox snack – Ants On A Log. The Blissfully Domestic blog says they’re good mommy snacks too.

Want to play with your food? Jill from Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons put together this adorable Earth Day PB Lunch using broccoli, pretzels, grapes and a planet Earth-colored peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Now that’s how you get your kid to eat broccoli.

Let’s wash our Earth Day snacks down with an Earth Day Smoothie from A Whisk And Two Wands blog. You make two different smoothies – one green and one blue- and swirl them together to make it look like the planet Earth. Nutritious and delicious.

Of course, you don’t have to wait until Earth Day to make these snacks. They’d be good for garden parties, outdoor picnics, and classroom parties too. Just a little bit of extra preparation let’s your family and friends know how much you love them. What a great way to make the planet Earth a better place to live.