Along with various styles of chair covers, we also sell and rent chair accessories. Our chair accessories include bows with elastic bands, self-tie sashes and what we call bagels. You can find the fabric options available for chair accessories by scrolling over the “Chair Covers” option on the “Table Linen Sales” menu (“Chair Accessories” is a subcategory of “Chair Covers”) or by selecting “Chair Accessories” from the “Table Linen Rental” menu.

A bow is a pre-made bow attached to a thin white elastic band so it can be slipped onto the back of the chair.

A self-tie sash (also called a band on our website) is essentially a long strip of fabric with merrowed edges that you can tie around chairs yourself. Self-tie sashes are a great option if you want to design your own bow tie. Self-tie sashes also offer you the freedom to customize the look of your chairs by creating your own unique tie. You’ll have the option to select whether you’d like square or angled ends on your self-tie sashes (the self-tie sash picture above has angled ends.) The length and width of the self-tie sashes varies slightly by fabric.

A bagel is a “tube” of fabric that’s sewn together at the ends to create a bagel-shaped band that slides onto a chair back over a chair cover. The double layered fabric of the bagel chair accessory makes it a sturdy option for adding a simple accent to covered chairs at your event. The standard size for a bagel is 32″, but if this size bagel will not fit on your chairs, you can request a different size by noting it in the “Special Instructions” at checkout or by talking with a member of our sales team.

If you plan to buy chair accessories, please note that there is a 12 piece minimum order quantity. There is no minimum quantity for rental.