Here are 5 Valentine’s Day napkin folds just in time for next weekend. There are two dozen Napkin Fold Video Tutorials with step-by-step, written instructions on our website. I selected five that will look great on your Valentine’s Day table.

First, the classic Heart napkin fold. Just 4 quick steps and you’re done already. It couldn’t be easier. It only takes about 10-15 seconds to make these hearts, so why not make your family feel especially loved?

Next, the Envelope napkin fold. This is a quick 4-step fold, too. I’m going to hide some candy inside my napkin envelopes this year. I’m sure my kids will love the little surprise, even though they’re “big kids” now.

Next up, the Rose napkin fold. I bet you’ve already made this fold using paper back in grade school. Remember those “cootie catchers” we kids wrote lame fortunes and predictions on? That’s the very same folding technique as the rose! I predict it will all come back to you.

How about a Rose Bud napkin fold? When you’re done folding it, plop it in a water goblet for a lovely table decoration. (Eh, the goblet should not have water in it at the time;) Admittedly, this takes a little more time than the heart or the envelope, but it’s well worth it.

Finally, the classic Fleur de Lis napkin fold. French for “Flower of the Lily”, this stylized, regal symbol has many legends affiliated with it. This fold looks complicated, but there are just 4 steps, one of which is putting a napkin ring around it. Your guests will be impressed, but don’t tell them how easy it was.

For our Valentine’s Day Sale this year, we’re taking 15% all red and white table linen through midnight Sunday, February 8, 2015. Why not order some red or white napkins now so you’ll get them in plenty of time to set your Valentine’s table. The hardest part will be choosing which one of our Valentine’s Day napkin folds to use!