Burlap is great to decorate with, especially if you like the rustic or country look. It’s inexpensive and easy to find. It comes in a wide variety of colors including natural, white, taupe, and black. It even comes printed now with all kinds of motifs. Not only can you buy yardage of burlap, but you can find burlap ribbon on a roll. Burlap is a coarse canvas woven from jute or hemp so it gives a lot of dimension and texture. Here are 10 DIY Burlap Napkin Rings, all with tutorials showing you step-by-step how to turn burlap into charming napkin rings.

The Think Crafts! Blog provides great instructions for these Eco Chic Button Napkin Rings. You start by wrapping burlap around an empty paper towel roll then use twine and colorful buttons to make flowers to embellish the napkin rings.

All for Giggles has a great tutorial on making not only burlap napkin rings, but matching place mats. The flowers are made from the pieces of twine that shed off the edges of the burlap. Clever!

Trish and Bonnie show how easy it is to make these pretty little napkin rings on their blog Uncommon Designs. They used 2″ jute webbing on their napkin rings so they didn’t have to worry about raw edges then they embellished with grosgrain ribbon and buttons. Burlap is the perfect accompaniment for bandana table decor. (Check out our recent blog post for more bandana table decorating ideas,)

Fab You Bliss blog has so many wedding ideas. Here are some great lessons on how to turn napkin rings from rustic to chic with the simple addition of beads, embroidery floss, or flower applique. Scroll down the page to see all three tutorials made with leftover burlap fabric.

How do you like these burlap bunny ear napkin rings from Uncommon Designs? I think they’re delightful. They show you how to sew the burlap so there won’t be any unraveling of the edges. They’re sturdy and will hold up for many Easter holidays to come.

You won’t believe what Jessica from Two Shades of Pink uses as a base for her napkin rings . . . hair curlers! They’re the perfect size and shape and make short work out of this crafty napkin ring.

Of course you could use actual napkin rings for your base too. That’s what Jen from Tatertots and Jello did. You can get a package of 4 for $1.00 at your local dollar store. You can also find inexpensive jewelry embellishments at a craft store – or from a garage sale.

Green Acres Hobby Farm held a rustic wedding complete with monogrammed burlap strips. The plasticware and paper napkins were wrapped with stamped fabric napkin ring ribbons that could be discarded after use.

Here’s another monogram idea – this one from Maya Made. She covered a button with linen. That might seem like a difficult step but I’ve done it myself and can testify to its ease. Wouldn’t a set of these monogrammed napkin rings make a great gift for newlyweds?

Vintage News Junkie provides a Burlap Napkin Ring with Sparkly Pinecones tutorial. She started by wrapping empty toilet paper rolls with burlap and finished up by adding a sparkly pinecone. For a more natural look you could use a real pinecone – or acorn, or sea shell, or whatever motif you’re decorating around.

Adding homemade napkin rings is a simple way to dress up your dinner table. And burlap napkin rings look great on many different fabrics. Check out Bright Setting’s Rustic and Country tablecloth collection. We have quite a few tablecloths that would look great paired with burlap including red and white polycheck, blue bandana, red rodeo, camo, denim, hemp, jute . . . even cow fabric! Now wouldn’t your diy burlap napkin rings look perfect on a cow tablecloth?