I cannot tell a lie. I love Presidents’ Day. Since it’s a national holiday, your kids might be home from school. Here are 12 Presidents’ Day snacks that will not only keep them busy, but taste good when they’re done!

Baby Center has a great tutorial for making Abe Lincoln’s Log Cabin. This one calls for pretzel sticks and glue, but I’ve seen them put together with peanut butter too. That way, you have an edible craft when you and the kids are done.

Speaking of crafts you can eat, how do you like these Edible Eagles from Noble Pig? I love the beaks made out of cashews!

Here’s a Presidents’ Day Muffin Tin Meal from Cookie Cutter Lunch. Muffin pans make perfect lunch trays, and this one is full of Presidents’ Day-appropriate foods.

Keeley McGuire uses “Easy Lunchbox Containers” to pack school lunches. They’re so much more efficient than packing everything individually. For Presidents’ Day, she made Lincoln and Washington sandwiches that are absolutely adorable.

Party Pinching has wonderful instructions for making these Presidents’ Day cookies. George and Abe are made by embellishing vanilla wafers.

How about making Washington and Lincoln cupcakes? My Creative Palette shows you how to make George’s wig out of mini marshmallows and Abe’s beard out of chocolate chips!

Somehow I always end up at Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons when I’m looking for good ideas. In this post, Jill shows you how to make George Washington Smores Cookie Pops. Aren’t they great?

Everyday Art provides a recipe for an Spiced Apple Cake that’s the perfect canvas for Lincoln’s silhouette – or any other president you admire.

Arts & Crafts Collection has great instructions for embellishing cupcakes with the faces of presidents. “Naming the President” would be a good game to go along with this crafty snack. Maybe you wouldn’t be allowed to eat yours until you name the president;-)

Jessica from Mad In Crafts shows how to make a healthy snack for Presidents’ Day. It features a red, white, and blue yogurt parfait with a mini pretzel log cabin on the side.

Here I am again at Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons! This time Jill has instructions for Presidents’ Day Pancakes. Which do you like best? Lincoln, Obama, or Washington? I’ll have one of each please.

Last, but definitely not least, Over The Big Moon has lots of ideas for throwing a Presidents’ Day party with “presidential” food. Some of the snack ideas include “William Howard Taffy”, “Calvin Kool-Aide” and “Barack-oli- Obama”. Pam’s neighbor Beka sure is punny!

If you need a patriotic tablecloth for underneath all these crafty snacks, check out Bright Settings’ Liberty table linen. The red, white, and blue banner print with gold stars is perfect for not only Presidents’ Day, but Memorial Day, the 4th of July, just to name a few days of the year when you want to show pride in your country. I cannot tell a lie . . . Liberty tablecloths are very pretty and would look great on your table loaded with Presidents’ Day snacks.