For April Fool’s Day, we wanted to give you 10 (unconventional) uses for your table linens.

1. Make a Cape

Take two corners of your tablecloth and drape the rest of it down your back and across your shoulders. Grab the corners and pull them together in front of you, across your chest. Tie the corners together loosely so the table linen hangs like a cape. If you’re using a lighter-weight table linen and you’re lucky, maybe it will flutter when you run around your home going about your daily business!

2. Wear a Toga

Whether you’re in to the rhetorical stylings of Aristotle or want to relive your college Animal House days (we’re sure you were never THAT outrageous…), you can use a tablecloth to make a toga. Just substitute WikiHow’s idea of a bed sheet with one of our tablecloths, and you’re set!

3. Do Magic Tricks

Have you ever seen someone pull a tablecloth out from a formally set table without knocking anything over? Yeah, well, me neither, but you could be the first! If you do succeed, send us a video, because we’d all love to witness your mastered talents! You could also consider making a rabbit disappear… or, if you order a large enough tablecloth, maybe you can make all of your work on your desk disappear. It’s gotta be worth a shot, right?

4. Become a Matador

Use our tablecloths to herd your guests to the table! Lucky for you, we have a variety of fabrics that come in an array of luscious reds!

5. Wrap a Present and be Eco-friendly

Green is the new black. Instead of wasting paper and killing the environment when you wrap your gifts, use a tablecloth or napkin, that way your friends and family can reuse the “paper”! Look at you! How clever and thoughtful!

6. Build a Fort

If you’ve never built a fort, either as a kid or with your own kids, you’re really missing out. The bigger the tablecloth is, the better. Just drape your table linens over lamps (make sure they’re off), tables, couches, chairs, and anything else you can find in your house.

7. Scoop Up Your Laundry

Have messy kids or a disorganized spouse? Use a tablecloth to scoop up all the dirty laundry on the floor. Just lay the tablecloth on the floor or bed and throw all of the dirty laundry into the center. Then, pick up each of the corners, scrunch the tops and sides together and transport the mound to the washing machine. Problem solved. It’s even more convenient if you have to wash the tablecloth anyway, too!

8. Put on a Play

Use the tablecloth as a call curtain. Not only will your guests be astounded by your resourcefulness, but they’ll also enjoy the entertainment.

9. Go Parachuting

Is the stress of your next big event driving you crazy enough to want to do something new and exciting? Use one of our tablecloths as a parachute, and save yourself the cost of hiring a professional teacher. *Note: We don’t actually recommend this. While we love our products, and we believe they’re reliable, THIS is not. *

10. Draw a Picture

Sometimes people mistake our table linens for paper anyway, so you might as well take advantage of the opportunity. Pieces of paper don’t usually come as big as our tablecloths so you’re really getting quite a unique deal. Whether you’re expressing your vast creativity or scribbling idly, waiting for a speaker to finish their presentation, using the tablecloth as a giant pad of paper is sure to entertain! Feel free to read our blog on laundering. You’ll need ideas for how to wash the tablecloth later, but we make no guarantees… especially if you’re using marker.

Happy April, everyone!