What Should I Wear?

The invitation comes, whatever the occasion might be– a wedding and reception, a charity function, an art gallery opening and the list goes on…  The question becomes, “What should I wear?”  We are all guilty of getting invited to an event and fretting about what to wear.  Do we think the perfect outfit will make us feel like a better version of ourself?  The truth is, it’s not the clothes, it’s the feeling that comes from owning a look.  A new outfit makes us walk taller, feel proud and project a certain confidence and beauty.  No one demonstrated this point better than Marilyn Monroe and Lucille Ball. After all, it’s not what you’re wearing, but how you wear it — the confidence that comes from owning your own particular style.  Whether you’re wearing a favorite designer or a burlap sack, own it!


Earl Theisen / Getty Images

Earl Theisen / Getty Images

LOVE the shoes!

Courtesy Everett Collection

Courtesy Everett Collection

Why is Marilyn dressed like this?

As the story goes, this 1951 portrait session is something that resulted after a journalist called Marilyn “cheap” for her sexy fashion choices.  Someone suggested she might look better in a potato sack or burlap bag so…



Next came the idea to photograph Marilyn in exactly that — the burlap potato sack.  Not a surprise, Marilyn managed to make this Idaho potato sack look…well…amazing and sexy!.

Earl Theisen / Getty Images

Earl Theisen / Getty Images

Rocking the Potato Sack!

Marilyn Monroe, c.1951

Marilyn Monroe, c.1951

Finding Your Style

Lucy and Ethel show off their “hot off the runway” sophisticated Paris designer duds.  đź™‚

Ethel and Lucy wear what they think are designer dresses in Paris, made of burlap

Ethel and Lucy wear what they think are designer dresses in Paris, made of burlap

Burlap Like You’ve Never Seen Before!

I Love Lucy - Lucy wearing a burlap sack thinking it's hot off the runway.

I Love Lucy – Lucy wearing a burlap sack thinking it’s hot off the runway.

Not Sold on Wearing a Burlap Outfit?

It's not what you wear but how you wear it!

It’s not what you wear but how you wear it!

Prefer to See Burlap on Your Table Instead?

Visit Premier Table Linens Burlap Boutique for ideas on dressing up your table with burlap:

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Havana Faux Burlap

Havana Faux Table covers are excellent quality and the only true machine washable and durable Burlap linen in the textile industry. 100% Polyester with a completely authentic Burlap appearance and even more of a stylish look and finish. Soft to the touch with no natural imperfections which are found in the Jute Burlap. Made from 58″ wide fabric. Wider Designer Burlap table linens and overlays are elegantly seamed. The Designer Burlap is the Havana Designer Burlap collection, the best Faux Burlap everyone is talking about!

Shown below is the Havana Faux Burlap in Natural, gently cinched at “the waist”.  đź™‚


My Favorite Havana Faux Burlap Table Linens

Havana faux burlap tablecloths are 100% Spun Polyester. Excellent quality, machine washable and durable. The Havana Faux burlap began three years ago available in natural (golden brown, Khaki) and white to resemble Burlap and provide a rustic appearance without the disadvantages of Burlap (not washable, not durable, rough texture, shedding, wrinkles and odor). Havana Faux is 100% Spun Polyester, very soft to the touch and drapes beautifully. Excellent quality, easy care, machine washable, no lint and durable. A completely authentic Burlap appearance and even more of a stylish look and finish with no natural imperfections which are found in the Jute burlap. Due to many request not only for more Faux Burlap colors but consumers wanting this lovely table linen line in other colors, we added 13 additional colors in May 2015. All 15 colors are now in stock. There are many cheap imitation Faux Burlap with being sold on the web. The Havana Faux is the top of the line, well known and the favorite among Wedding Professionals, Event Planners and the hospitality industry.


-100% Spun Polyester, linen weave.
-Heavy weight table linens, drapes beautifully.
-Treated with soil-release for stain resistance.
-Wrinkle resistant, no lint.
-Excellent color retention.
-Available with standard Merrow Hem or Rolled Hem option.
-Made to order. Manufactured in 24 hours. Large orders may take up to 48 hours.
-Each has product has color swatch photo on the listing for you to view color options.
-Complete line, matching napkins, table runners, table skirts, fitted tablecloths, overlays, chair covers and sashes.
-Best prices anywhere, both retail and wholesale, guaranteed.
-Easy care, extremely easy to maintain. Wash warm, Tumble dry low. Remove promptly.
-Product sizes are tablecloth size, not table sizes. For sizing your tablecloth use our tablecloth calculator.
-Product pictures are for color representation only. Pictures / Images do not indicate drop of tablecloth as this will vary dependable on your table sizing.



I am so happy I discovered Havana Faux Burlap Table Linens from Premier Table Linens.  I enjoy using the linens for most all of our family gatherings and events.  I own both the original colors –natural and white.  It’s nice to use all the same color for a monotone look or to mix them for some contrast.

Havana Linen News Update:  13 New Colors!

Premier Table Linens added 13 additional colors in May 2015.  All 15 colors are now in stock.

Havana Linen New Colors

Havana Linen New Colors

Whether you are dressing yourself, your table, or BOTH, find your style and own it!

Bye for now,


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