When I was growing up in Brooklyn, New York, there was a little ditty that all of us kids used to recite (endlessly, according to my Mom). The poem actually had 5 lines but us kids generally stuck to the first two.

Spring is sprung, the grass is ris.
I wonders where the birdies is.

 Damask Miranda Tablecloth
Years later, I still find the rhyme popping into my mind at odd moments as winter segues into spring.
Silly poems aren’t the only thing on my mind, however, as I marvel at the first bright yellow forsythia blossoms or a tiny bunny hopping across my lawn. Seasonal re-decorating projects and party planning for Spring celebrations are also very much on my mind.
This year, spring arrived early and I am already well on the way to dressing my house in its fanciful spring wardrobe.
When I get tired of winter, I always start flipping through flower catalogs. This helps me choose a Spring-worthy color palette for the house. Pairing colors is the path to creating a sensational seasonal.
This year I envision a white damask cloth (such as Premier’s Saxony, Somerset, Melrose or Miranda), Spun Poly or Poly Premier topped with Organza in Hot Pink or Radiance in orchid, magenta or melon.
I imagine the dining room transformed into an indoor garden party with a cheerful yellow cloth  and a bouquet of sweet floral touches.
Simple lengths of picot-edged ribbon snuggle tiny flowers to napkins in an assortment of flowery colors.
Matching Kenya napkins alternate with napkins in Majestic (teal and lilac) and Majestic Twill.
Reversing the way you fold the napkins gives the table with some napkins rolled with the Duponi side out and others rolled with the satin revealed adds texture to your table settings. I love an eclectic look but you could also use matching napkins.
For a cheerful brunch, I’m thinking about mixing a fun double-sided Majestic Caribbean blue cloth with lively brushed satin 100% polyester Duchess pinks and yellows. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors. Sometimes the strangest pairings make for the most exciting tables.
Garage sales, flea markets and secondhand shops are a treasure trove of cute and kitschy ceramics.
And don’t forget the flowers. Whether gathered from the garden or silk ones, flowers infuse a room with the essence of spring.
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