The days of door decorations only for the winter holiday season are long gone. It’s very  common to decorate your home for holidays throughout the year. Also special events like welcoming baby home, the start of a new season and even sport enthusiast like to display their favorite team logos and colors. The great thing about a Burlap wreath is how easy it is to transform it.

With the arctic winter season that most of us have had, I’m sure I’m not the only one ready to welcome spring!

burlap Easter wreath
You’ll need:

  1. Wire Wreath Form (can be bought at any craft store for about $3.00)
  2. 2 Rolls Kelly Green Jute Ribbon 4” x 10 yards ($4.35 BTL)
  3. 1 Natural Jute Sash 7” x 108” ($8.99 BTL)
  4. 1 Package of plastic holiday eggs.
  5. Silk Flowers with bendable wire

Easter eggs and burlapHow to:


First take the Jute Ribbon and fold the end into a point and weave through the wire as shown below, this will secure the ribbon in place.


Now weave the ribbon over the top wire leaving a loop about 3”.Weave through the second wire, followed by third and fourth wire to create your first row.

Next start on the opposite side and repeat your second row. You’ll have to push the loops together to get a full plush look.


Continue filling your rows making your way around the whole wreath, remember to push the loops close together to avoid any wires showing.

burlap-wreath fluffed

Fluff, and adjust the burlap to your liking, cut the leftover ribbing (if any) and fold into a point and tuck into the wreath.

For the bow.

Take the Burlap sash and unravel. Using the center fold into a bow tie. The Burlap is stiff and easy to form. Cut the bottom of the tie to your desired length.

burlap bow for Easter wreath

Using the leftover Burlap, pull a few strands off the edge to make a short string to tie the bow to the wreath. Just tuck the string through the loop on the back side of the bow and tie to the wire wreath.

For the embellishments also use string to attach to wreath. The silk flower will stay on their own with the bendable wire stems secured to the wreath.

IMG_0207 IMG_0204 IMG_0219 burlap eater embellisments
Be Creative and  have FUN with it!

Get the kids and family involved, make it a craft night.

Quick tips;

You can adjust the size of loops to create different looks. I like the full fluffy look, so I bunched together as much as I could.

We also carry White, Hunter Green, Kelly Green and Red Jute Burlap Ribbon to mix and match.

Stay away from any glues as it’ll damage the burlap. You can also use wire to hold the bow or embellishments in place.

If your wreath gets wet, lay flat and let it air dry. Once all dry fluff and rehang.

For Burlap Cleaning instructions and ideas, please see our blog on Burlap Care.


Enjoy and Happy DIY



Burlap Easter Holiday Wreath
Article Name
Burlap Easter Holiday Wreath
The days of door decorations only for the winter holiday season are long gone. It’s very common to decorate your home for holidays throughout the year.