Perhaps you’re a city dweller with a studio apartment or maybe your current home doesn’t have the open floor plans so popular now. Whatever your space challenge don’t let it deter you from entertaining in your own home! Use these small space entertaining tips to make your next shin-dig a hit, no matter how small of a space you’re working with!

Let Go of Your Fear

The biggest hurdle in small space entertaining is getting past the fact that you’re working with a small space! No matter what the size of your venue you can entertain successfully with proper planning. Start with a cozy dinner party for four and expand your guest list in the future as you get more comfortable!

Rearrange Your Furniture

I’m not saying to rearrange your home forever, just for the evening…can you move your sofa to make more room for mingling, perhaps reposition the table to allow for more seating on all sides, or stash extra decor in a closet to open up space? Think creatively about your home to maximize the area for guests and you might surprise yourself with how much more space you come up with!

Step Outside

If you’re fortunate enough to have outdoor space don’t forget to factor that in to your entertaining plan. Even in extreme temperatures well places fans, misters, or heating lamps (all of which can be rented for the evening) can make any extra patios or terraces usable for guests.

Create Ambiance

Having a party in a small space is the perfect excuse to break out the candles or hang some string lighting to enhance the cozy ambiance! As always don’t forget to brighten the space with fresh flowers or foliage arrangements as well!

Have you held or attended a small space party before? What are your best small space entertaining tips?