Ribbons are so gorgeous these days. They come in all styles and colors . . . and they’re inexpensive. What could be better to decorate with? Here are a dozen ways to use ribbons as napkin rings that are “fit to be tied.”

Andrea from the Opulent Cottage wrapped a vintage napkin with this simple red gingham ribbon. So simple, yet so elegant.

Martha Stewart gives instructions on how to make these lovely patterned napkin rings. All it takes is one simple seam. And look at all the different ribbons that are used. I love the eclectic look, don’t you?

Here’s another Martha Stewart tutorial, this time for braided ribbon napkin rings. Remember making lanyards back in elementary school? These grosgrain ribbons are braided the same way, with a simple slip not worked back and forth.

Check out these preppy napkin rings from Martha Stewart. Don’t be put off by the hardware. D-rings can be found in the notions section of any fabric store and couldn’t be easier to sew onto ribbon.

Do you have beads in your craft room? Just thread narrow ribbon through the bead and pull taut around your napkin to make these simple beaded napkin rings from Martha Stewart.

Okay, just one more Martha Stewart tutorial. Her website is so full of good ideas though. For example, how to make leftover gift wrap ribbon napkin rings. No tutorial is needed. Just cut a slit and weave one end of ribbon through it.

The Hopeful Homemaker spent less than $1.50 to make these napkin rings in her school colors. She said it took less than 10 minutes to complete the whole project. Fast and inexpensive – two of my favorite things. And the ribbon sure does dress up paper napkins, don’t you think?

I absolutely love these button napkin rings by Colin Cowie Weddings. That may be because I adore buttons. This step-by-step tutorial couldn’t be easier.

Did I mention that I love buttons? These button napkin rings use buttons with a shank on the back. Super cheap and easy – just like the Dirt Cheap Decorating Divas promised.

The French Basketeer used charcoal grey satin ribbon with sprigs of green and red for an elegant farm-to-table brunch. If you can tie a bow, you can make these elegant napkin rings.

HGTV is always full of good ideas – like this champagne baby shower brunch tablescape. In keeping with the baby shower theme, these napkin rings have a safety pin added to the ribbon. I would’ve probably used a diaper pin instead, but that napkin ring is a lovely touch to a beautiful table.

Positively Splendid wrapped grosgrain ribbon around a shower curtain ring then added a paper flower to make this adorable napkin ring. I really like the shower curtain ring idea. You could add any embellishment suitable to your decor to finish it off . . . or just leave the embellishment off altogether.

Using napkin rings is a simple way to bump your table decor up a notch. And ribbons make the perfect napkin rings. Just tie them around your napkins and you have a quick pick-me-up for your table. As author Ruth Ann Schabacker said, “Each day comes bearing its own gifts. Untie the ribbons.”