Time for another quick centerpiece idea!

Like the last centerpiece idea I d, this one also uses a mason jar. (Okay, I admit, I may be a victim of the mason jar trend. I blame it on my rustic roots!)

Fall Flower Centerpiece

To replicate this look, you’ll need:

  • fake flowers in fall colors
  • a mason jar
  • cloth napkins
  • ribbon
  • a tablecloth

For the flower jar:

I used a cloth napkin to line the jar. The nice thing about using fake flowers (besides not worrying about killing them in the cool fall weather), is that you can line the jar to hide the flower stems. AND, I found these flowers at the thrift store, so they cost me a quarter of what fresh flowers cost. Using a brown napkin fit in with the color scheme I was going for, and it was natural enough that it didn’t draw attention to the fact that the flowers were fake. Then, I just arranged my flowers in the jar.

For the napkins:

I used orange napkins to match the flowers. There are no fancy folds here, I just rolled a folded napkin. First, I used the wider metallic ribbon and taped the ends together. I put that side down on the table so you can’t see it. Then I used the thinner brown ribbon and tied a bow around the napkin roll.

To put the whole look together, I chose a gold tablecloth (the one pictured is Majestic Gold). Then, I grabbed another brown napkin (the same kind I used in the mason jar), and positioned it in the middle of the table. Then, I just arranged the flower jar and the napkins in the center.

For as little effort as this centerpiece took, I thought it looked pretty great! Comment and let me know what you think!