Murder, mayhem and maharajas all played a role in the intriguing history of the textile known as Dupioni. Developed in China over 4,000 years ago, this textured silk was originally worn exclusively by emperors, kings and other royals.

How China maintained a monopoly on the production techniques for Dupioni reads like a modern movie thriller. Terrified silkworm handlers worked in fear of being poisoned in order to keep the secret safe. Double-crossing monks smuggled cocoons along treacherous trade routes that few survived and imperial troops employed violence instead of lawyers to protect their country’s proprietary formula.

Majestic Tablecloth Fabric
A thousand years ago, however, visiting Indian silk merchants unraveled the mystery of Dupioni. They wasted little time in establishing colonies of silkworms that were able to produce a fabric that, at the time, was worth many times its weight in gold. Other nations soon mastered the technique and began producing luxury silk fabrics, too.
Majestic Satin Side Tablecloth Fabric
In the 20th century, synthetic silks hit the market and were immediately coveted by fashionistas and interior designers worldwide. Recently, Dupioni table linens are being used extensively by top wedding planners, banquet halls, hotels and for home decoration because of the beauty of the fabric, the fact that it is a reversible linen and is very easy care and machine washable.

Majestic satin side tablecloth fabric

Today, Premiere Table Linens’ Majestic tablecloths, overlays, table runners, napkins, chair covers, and sashes are writing another chapter in Dupioni’s illustrious history. Truly a double delight, reversible Majestic comes in twenty exotic hues. All can be mixed and matched for hundreds of exciting looks. Pairing Majestic overlays with Damask cloths increases the possibilities.

Majestic Dupioni side & Damask Tablecloth Fabric

The textured Dupioni side features the fabric’s characteristic thick and thin striations that subtly reflect light. The smooth satin side exudes a lustrous gloss that is enhanced when it is scrunched. Now that Premier has teamed up the two up, you’ll be ready for every occasion.

When it comes to Majestic table linens, choice reigns supreme! Premier offers round, square and rectangle tablecloths. All are seamless up to 120-inches.

Majestic Satin Tablecloth fabric


Fitted tablecloths, which are not reversible, are also available. You get to choose which side—Dupioni or satin– will show.

Like all of Premier’s fitted tablecloths, the Majestic fitted cloths can be made four sided; four sided with slits in the back corners for easy access to under table for storage, four sided with slits in all 4 corners so that the fitted tablecloth can go through a press or three sided with the fabric extending 10-inches on the back.

Three sided cloths are ideal for conventions, welcome booths, registration desks or any occasion when there will be someone seated behind the table.

Table runners are an inexpensive and quick way to create eye-catching color effects. Choose from two attractive options: square end or pointed. Pointed ends can be cut to a point or folded. The advantage of folding in the ends and stitching them in place is a straighter edge because of the additional weight.

Majestic Tablecloth Fabric Table Runners
Premier’s Majestic collection is truly an event planner’s dream because the woven polyester has superb color retention and can be machine-washed and tumbled dry. It offers a regal look and a wealth of colorful options. When you can get two fabrics for the price of one, why settle for anything less?