What is a frog’s favorite time? Leap year, of course. (Did you find my frog joke absolutely ribbetting?) Okay, I’ll stop now, but you gotta admit . . . frogs are fun. And frogs make a great theme for a party, especially for leap year. There are all kinds of fun leap year frog party games (which I’ll blog about next week) and some really fun frog-themed foods which I’m going to show you today. February 29 is coming soon! So hop right down the page and check out these leap year frog party food ideas.

The Foodies blog has lots of great recipes for fun food including a link to a video tutorial for these frogs made from peppers. You can put them on the grill or eat them raw. Kids can help put them together if you do the cutting.

Jenn from Clean & Centsible says these frogs made with apples and grapes are a quick and easy frog party food to put together. What a great way to get kids to eat more nutritious fresh fruit.

If you’re having a frog-themed party, you just have to serve “frog eggs”. Grey Grey Designs has lots of frog party food ideas including these M&M frog eggs.

I couldn’t find the original source for this Media Cache photograph of “frog eggs” but I wanted to include the idea because it’s a healthy version of a frog egg snack.

Sand And Table served these adorable frog sandwiches at a recent frog party. You can fill your sliders with whatever lunchmeat you like, then top the frog with eyes made with olives and a frog tongue made with a pickle slice.

Speaking of pickles, put together one big dill and several baby gherkins to make this adorable “pickled frog.” Better Homes & Gardens has the instructions.

All those pickles making you thirsty? Well, how about some “swamp water”? Kara’s Party Ideas has lots of frog party food ideas like this one that was made for a Princess and the Frog birthday party.

The Crafty Woman has lots of good ideas for a reptile-themed party. There are no instructions for this adorable watermelon frog, but it looks pretty straight forward. Just slice a lime and add a couple of cherry tomatoes for eyes!

Glamourita also knows how to make a frog-shaped watermelon. She provides a wonderful tutorial so you can make one too.

This frog-shaped melon bowl from Washoku is simply adorable. Full instructions are provided.

Kathryn Crafts doesn’t have a recipe for this fantastic frog cake, but says to add peanut M&Ms for the feet and cupcakes for the eyes. You could use red licorice for the smile if you didn’t have red frosting.

Sarah from Whimsey & Hope tells you how to put together these frog cupcakes for leap day. I love the big marshmallow googly eyes!

Baby Loving Mama provides this recipe for frog pond cookie cups. She put blue pudding in the cup and added gummy frogs to complete the pond scene.

Here’s a quick frog-themed dessert from Gourmet Mom on-the-Go that requires no baking. Frogs on a Log are made with Hostess Ho-Hos and topped with gummy frogs.

Katie from Made to be a Momma has a good tutorial for these Oreo frogs. Don’t you love the candy eye balls and the red gum drop tongue?

Don’t be afraid to “leap” right into one of these frog-themed recipes. But if you have to go to the grocery store for ingredients, make sure you park legally so you don’t get “toad” away. Yeah, I know . . . I hear the collective groan. I know these bad puns are about to make you “croak”. Okay, okay, I’ll stop now. By the way, if you need the perfect green tablecloth for underneath all your frog party food, check out Bright Setting’s large selection of green tablecloths. We have scores of different fabrics in hundreds of shades of green to choose from. Your guests will love your new green tablecloth and all the leap year frog party food you put on top of it!