Many of our fabrics can be made into placemats. To see which fabrics are available for placemats, click on the “Table Linen Sales” menu and select “Placemats”.

After selecting a fabric, you’ll need to pick a shape and edge finish for your placemats.

All placemats have three layers: a piece of fabric on the top, stiffener and bottom fabric. The “right side” of the fabric faces out on both the top and the bottom, so if one side of the placemat gets stained, you can flip it over and have a clean placemat. Available placemat shapes vary by fabric, so check the placemat fabric’s page for more information about the placemat shapes available in your desired fabric.

Placemats are available in two edge finishes, Inverted Hem (also called Double Needle) or Merrowed (also called Fused.) On an Inverted Hem or Double Needle edge finish placemat, the top piece and bottom piece are actually turned in towards the center and stitched with two needles – hence “double needle” so you see the two lines of stitching all the way around. This style offers a more finished look at the edges. On a Merrowed or Fused edge finish placemat, the fabric is stitched with a surged edge. This looks just like the edge of a standard tablecloth.

Please note that placemats are sold by the dozen.

If you have any questions about ordering placemats, call, e-mail or chat one with a member of our sales team.