After the trick or treating is over and bellies are full of sweet treats you can use that leftover candy in many different ways! From recipes to decorations, here are 5 uses for leftover Halloween candy that will make the most of your stash!

Freeze It

Save your leftover Halloween candy for later! Freeze your leftover chocolate candies to use in recipes throughout the year. Add frozen chocolate candy in cookie dough, milkshakes, and ice cream sundaes. Add candy to your favorite cookie or brownie recipes or use it to top cakes and cupcakes.

Make Trail Mix and other Snack Mixes

Add small leftover Halloween candy to make your own trail mix with a touch of sweetness! This works perfectly for small candy coated chocolates, chocolate covered raisins, and other small candies.

Holiday Decorations

There are lots of ways to use leftover Halloween candy as decoration for upcoming holidays! Glass jars of candy corn will fit your decor through Thanksgiving and gumdrops and other colorful candies are perfect for decorating holiday gingerbread houses. Fill empty glass ornaments with colorful candy for a unique DIY Christmas tree decoration. Save pink and red candies until Valentine’s day to fill apothecary jars or make a fun holiday candy wreath. The possibilities are endless!

Make a Care Package

Pack up leftover Halloween candy into care packages to send to relatives, troops overseas, homeless shelters, or others who might appreciate a sweet surprise! There are many organizations that take donations of candy-contact your local charitable organizations to find one that accepts candy.

Trade It In

Many dentist offices allow you to trade in your Halloween candy for toothbrushes and other more teeth-friendly goodies. Check with your local dental offices to see if they accept leftover candy.

What are your favorite uses for leftover Halloween candy? Do you have a favorite recipe to add leftover candy to? I’d love to hear your ideas!