Yes, we can!

Generally, most of our customers choose to have umbrella holes put in their vinyl tablecloths, but we can put an umbrella hole in any tablecloth (vinyl is just the most popular outdoor tablecloth option.)

Round tablecloth with umbrella hole made with Montego Bay fabric.

To order a vinyl tablecloth with an umbrella hole, simply go to the vinyl product page you’re interested in. Under the “Pricing” section of the page, you’ll notice a drop-down menu where you can select whether or not you’d like your tablecloth to have an umbrella hole. As it says on the drop-down menu, there is a $3 upcharge for adding an umbrella hole to a tablecloth.

For any other fabric tablecloth, you’ll need to specify to add an umbrella hole in the “Special Instructions” at checkout. The upcharge is $3, and it will be reflected on your invoice.

Unless you request otherwise, the umbrella hole will be placed in the center of your tablecloth.

In addition to umbrella holes, we can also put grommets on your tablecloth. This is an especially convenient option if you’d like to weigh or tie down your tablecloth for outdoor use. Grommets can be placed anywhere on the tablecloth, and we charge $3 per grommet. If you’d like to add grommets to your tablecloth order, make a note in the “Special Instructions” at checkout specifying how many grommets you’d like and where on the tablecloth you’d like them placed. The additional cost will be reflected on your invoice.

If you have any questions about adding an umbrella hole or grommets to your tablecloth, call, e-mail or live chat with a member of our sales team.