Summertime . . . and the colors are easy. That’s because Pantone’s summer palette makes it easy to show you how to brighten up your kitchen and dining room with fashionable and color-coordinated table linens. Today we’re going to take a look at some of this summer’s “hot” colors and then show you 4 Table Linen Color Palettes for Summer 2016, colors that are all available for sale or rent at Bright Settings!

Iced Palette Table Linen Suggestions

Icy blues combined with citrus greens on a bright white background make for a “cool” palette perfect for seaside homes and cabins on the lake. Pantone’s Iced Palette consists of Clearwater, Opal Blue, Ocean Depths, Bright White, Luminary Green, Reflecting Ponx, Ambrosia, and Arctic Ice. Just the names of the colors are refreshing! Bright Settings carries basic polyester tablecloths that would blend perfectly with the Iced color palette.

Creamy Palette Table Linen Suggestions

The gentle colors of sweet creams are the inspiration for this summer color combination—think Scallop Shell, Lavender Fog, Afterglow, Fog, English Rose, Silver Gray and Arctic Ice. The warm shades would look great on the porch of a summer cottage. Bright Settings carries beautiful “creamy” colors such as:

Savoury Palette Table Linen Suggestions

Think green and black teas mixed with a sprig on the side when considering Pantone’s savoury collection. It features Opaline Green, Opal Blue, Charcoal Gray, Luminary Green, Afterglow, Ambrosia, and Simply Taupe. Any of these table linens would go great with this palette:

Sweet Palette Table Linen Suggestions

The “sweet” colors of summer flowers and food are reflected in this gorgeous color palette—the pale roses, figs, orchids, and plums are represented by Pantone’s Scallop Shell, Fig, Lavender Fog, Afterglow, Grapeade, English Rose, Plum Kitten, and Orchid Haze. Let’s see what Bright Settings has to offer in these fruity berry colors:

Which of these 4 Table Linen Color Palettes for Summer 2016 is your favorite? How will you incorporate these rich hues into your decor this summer? We’d love to see photographs of your summertime tablescapes! If you’d like to see fabric samples of any of these gorgeous table linen fabrics, give our free sample program a try. Or call one of our summer “seasoned” customer service reps at 800-327-6025 during regular business hours. They have great ideas about mixing and matching table linens for any season!