Here at Bright Settings, we love napkins. We sell them, we rent them, we launder them, and, best of all, we fold them! As a matter of fact, we even videotaped two-dozen napkin folds we love most and included several different tutorial formats for each one of them.

If you’ve ever searched for table decorating ideas on Pinterest, you’ve no doubt seen ample posts featuring specialty napkin folds. What makes Bright Setting’s napkin folding tutorials special is that they each come in three formats – videos with accompanying captions, written step-by-step instructions with photos, and downloadable instructions.

Format 1: Video

Are you a visual learner? If so, head right over to our Napkin Folding Videos to check them out. This Pyramid Napkin Fold video is a good example of what you’ll find there:

Format 2: Step by Step Text and Photos

If you’re comfortable with text accompanied by clear photos, check out the step-by-step written instructions directly below all of the videos. They look like this:

Format 3: Downloadable Poster

If you want to print out the instructions for future reference, check out the downloadable poster below each of the step-by-steps:

By the way, to save the poster as a printable file, simply right-click on the image. On a Mac, click on the image while holding down the Control key; then choose the “Save image as . . .” option to put the file on your hard drive. Print as many copies as you like. them with your friends. Pin them. Post them. We don’t mind. As a matter of fact, we encourage sharing. (Sharing is caring on the world wide web, you know;-)

When I have a dinner party with my craft-savvy girlfriends, I set the table before they arrive complete with fancy-folded napkins at each place setting. But before I serve the food, I make them unfold their napkins and refold them the way they were. This has become a fun tradition at my house and the ladies always look forward to it (although, admittedly, they don’t remember the napkin fold for long. Luckily, they know where to get the instructions;-)

I always try to match the napkin fold to the theme of the dinner party. For example, for Valentine’s Day, we made “hearts” using red napkins one year and “roses” the next. At Christmas, we used the “boot” fold for an elf-themed table. We’ve folded the “candle” for birthdays, the “fleur di lis” for fancy dinners, and the “goblet fan” for Thanksgiving. Confused about that last one? We used multiple fall-colored napkins to simulate a turkey tail. They were beautiful.

As you can tell, I’m crazy about napkins. Cloth napkins instantly elevate a dinner tablescape. If you’re having a very large event, consider renting napkins. Bright Settings rents 28 different rental fabrics, each in multiple colors. If you want to put a few dozen different napkins in your linen drawer for special occasions, check out all the gorgeous cloth napkins that are available at Bright Settings. We carry 158 different fabrics for napkins!

Once you get your cloth napkins, try any (or all!) of our 24 napkin fold video tutorials. Your dinner guests will be impressed with your napkin-folding prowess – especially if you your knowledge with them.