Burlap is hot. It’s no wonder. Burlap is no longer the rough, stinky-when-wet fabric I remember from my childhood. Today’s burlap is soft and pliable, yet sturdy. It’s widely available at fabric stores in many different widths. You can even get burlap that has a print on it. Burlap is very versatile, so it makes the perfect material for table runners. And since it’s inexpensive, it’s great for big parties where you need to decorate several tables. Here are 12 tutorials for burlap table runners that would look great with any rustic-themed decor.

I love the woven look. This woven burlap runner from Yvonne over at Stone Gable Blog is simply beautiful. It’s a no-sew project using 2-1/2″ wide burlap ribbon.

Maryann from Domestically Speaking did some weaving, too. She wove red and blue ribbons into her burlap table runner for a patriotic look. Just think how many times of the year you could pull that table runner out of the linen closet.

Kimber from The Pinning Mama made this monogrammed table runner for $5 in under 10 minutes. It would make a perfect gift for newlyweds, don’t you think?

Kimber also made this polka dot burlap table runner. This time it took all of 30 minutes;-) The Pinning Mama always has great ideas on her blog.

This tribal print burlap table runner is from The Joy of a Life Lived Creatv.ly. Since I’m a quilter, I think of this pattern as “flying geese”. Acrylic fabric paints are easy to use and easy to clean up too.

Lisa from Shine Your Light shows how to make a no-sew fringed burlap runner. She used iron-on adhesive to secure the side hems. Then she fringed the short sides for a quick, harvest-friendly table runner.

Rene from Cottage & Vine also made a fringed table runner, but her sides hems were sewn on a sewing machine. She has a great tutorial for how to make the fringe.

If you like the look of fringe all around your burlap table runner, look no further. Leslie from House On the Way provides a tutorial for what she calls “the easiest table decor ever.” She simply pulled out a few threads and fringed all four sides of her burlap table runner.

If you don’t want your burlap to fray, those two crafty sisters over at Two It Yourself show you how to not only stop the fraying, but how to cut the burlap straight in the first place.

Do you like the look of lace on burlap? If so, you’ll love the next three tutorials. First, from DIY Swank, is a pretty burlap lace table runner. It’s a no-sew project that uses both fusible bonding tape and a liquid fabric fray stopper.

This table runner from Miss Bizi Bee has lace positioned right down the center. Kaitlin started with a roll of runner-width burlap and hot-glued lace down the center. You could make several table runners for a rustic wedding in no time.

Kaye Ellen Design used burlap, lace, ribbon, yo-yos, and doilies to make this divine runner. She used double-sided fabric tape to make it a no-sew project.

If you’re at all crafty, you could make any of these wonderful burlap table runners. If you’re not at all crafty, you’re still in luck. Bright Settings offers burlap table runners in several widths and lengths. The runners are hemmed on all sides and can be laundered with no problem.

Perhaps you’re not into the roughness of burlap, but still want the look. If that’s the case, Bright Settings also offers faux burlap and 4 other burlap-like fabrics for making tablecloths, table runners and other table linen products. Some are available in multiple colors! If you have questions about any of these fabrics or would like to see a fabric swatch, speak to one of our knowledgeable salespeople at 800-327-6025.