Ghosts are a great motif to decorate around at Halloween. The classic white-with-black color scheme looks great alongside the bold colors of the holiday. Here are a dozen tutorials for making Halloween ghost decorations that pack a big punch for very little time and money.

Love and Laundry blogger, Shatzi, has a great tutorial for an easy floating ghost. Did you know you can make your own liquid starch using cornstarch? That’s what is holding up this floating cheesecloth ghost!

Here’s a similar floating ghost from Everyday Is A Crafting Day. I love how the addition of arms gives the ghost movement.

This large ghost from HGTV looks difficult to make, but it’s not. The cheesecloth and liquid starch are inexpensive, too. This ghost would look great in my flower bed.

Simply Designing shows you how to make cute hanging ghosts from cheesecloth. There is no starch in this version. Just pick up some styrofoam balls and cheesecloth at your favorite craft store and you’ll be ready to DIY.

Taryn from Design Dining And Diapers shows you how to make an illuminated ghost garland. She covered a string of white lantern lights with cotton squares. They look good in the daytime and at night.

Crafty Misadventures has a great tutorial for making tomato cage ghosts. Jen promises that they’re very easy to make. I have several dozen tomato cages in the garage, so I think I’ll give it a try.

This tracking ghost from Instructables looks incredibly hard to make, but the tutorial is not complicated at all. You start with a twin sheet and a craft face mask. For under $20, you have a fantastic ghost that will last you for years.

These little ping pong ball ghost lights are adorable. Unoriginal Mom shows you how to turn Christmas lights, ping pong balls, and cheesecloth into a string of adorable ghosts.

How do you like these ghosts in a jar? Mason Jar Crafts Love uses gauze pads from a First Aid kit for the ghosts in this tutorial. Except for the styrofoam balls, I bet you have all the other craft items around your house.

Martha Stewart knows how to decorate for Halloween. Glowing ghosts is one of my favorite projects from her blog. Just put a glow stick inside a white balloon and paint on a face. These would make excellent heads for some the ghosts featured above instead of a styrofoam balls.

Talk about fast and easy, these ghost balloons from Design Improvised would take practically no time to whip up. These ghosts make a big impact for very little energy.

You can’t leave your kitchen undecorated for Halloween. This quick refrigerator ghost tutorial is from Jean’s Craft Corner. All you need is two sheets of black craft foam and some magnets.

Some of the tutorials above call for cheesecloth. If you’re unfamiliar with this loosely woven mesh, you may be reluctant to try it, but it’s a great fabric to work with. My grandma always kept some in her kitchen for straining out solids from liquids. As the name suggests, it’s also used for wrapping up cheese during the aging process. I use cheesecloth for all kinds of fiber crafts. I especially like dyeing it! But you can use it straight out of the package for these white ghosts. You can purchase it at big box craft stores and anywhere they sell kitchen gadgets. Buy it by the yard off the bolt or in packages of precut squares. It’s inexpensive and fun to work with. I hope you give it a try and make some of these Halloween ghost decorations!