Hosting an outdoor movie night is a great way to entertain during warm weather months and is far less complicated than it may first appear. With a little advanced planning and the right equipment you can transform your backyard into your personal theater!

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Get the Right Equipment

The biggest hurdle to throwing an outdoor movie night is securing the right equipment. To show you movie you’ll need:

  • DVD player or other media device
  • Projector
  • Blank wall, screen, or large white sheet
  • Speakers

Securing a projector is usually the most intimidating part of hosting an outdoor movie night but it need not be. Projectors are becoming more common and more affordable every year. Ask around to friends and neighbors or check out Craigslist for used projectors if budget is an issue.

Wireless speakers are ideal for placing around the yard to keep your guests in the center of the action, but traditional speakers can work just as well—just be sure to keep wires away from walkways to avoid accidents.

Be Considerate

If your neighbors are in close proximity to where you’ll be showing your movie use proper courtesy and inform them of your plans ahead of time. Better yet, invite them to join you! Start your movie soon after the sun sets so the movie (and noise) doesn’t last too long into the night.

BYOC (Bring Your Own Chairs)

Suggest that guests bring their own chairs, picnic blankets, and pillows to the party. Remind guests that it may get chilly in the evenings so blankets or sweaters may be a good idea as well.

Create a Comfortable Atmosphere

If your area has a lot of insects in the evenings consider spraying the yard prior to the movie night.

Setting up soft lighting like battery operated candles is a great way to provide enough like for safely moving about without distracting from the movie screen.

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

Popcorn is of course a classic movie snack but other finger foods would work as well. Consider serving drinks in single serve containers like water bottles or lidded cups to reduce spills.

Creating an outdoor movie night is a fun and different way to entertain during the summer, what are your favorite types of outdoor parties?