Part of a well set table is having a beautiful napkin at each place setting. Whether you are having an elegant dinner party or love to set your table for everyday fun, folded napkins are an easy way to give your table setting style. You can use either basic white napkins or colored and pattern napkins for any of these looks! Here are 10 ways to fold a napkin including simple fold techniques to more formal looks.

1. Simply rolling a napkin and adding a chic napkin ring is a quick and easy way to add style to your table setting!

A simple roll technique

DIY Life

2. This is an elegant style: Create a pocket for your cutlery and place it on the center of each plate.

Fold a napkin to create a cutlery pocket.



3. Create long folds and add a fun napkin ring to bring some whimsy to your table!

Long folds


4. For a formal dinner party or masculine table setting theme turn the napkins into bow ties!

Bow Fold Napkin Style

Martha Stewart

5. Add a touch of culinary chic to your table by folding napkins to look like a souflle! Tuck in a sprig of rosemary to add to the foodie effect!

Souffle Napkin Fold

Good Housekeeping

6. This classic napkin folding style adds a touch of Ooh-la-la to a table setting:

Fleur De Lis Napkin Fold


7. For a garden party dinner or feminine styled table use this pretty flower napkin folding technique:

Flower Napkin Fold


8. How adorable for an Easter table setting!

Bunny Fold

Martha Stewart

9. Another simple, easy and chic napkin style:

Square Fold:


10. A message or greeting can be easily tucked into this knot style. The phrase “I am thankful for you’ would be perfect for a Thanksgiving table setting!

Knot Napkin Fold:

Real Simple

Want more ideas? Check out these napkin folding videos with step by step instructions to make 24 beautiful folded napkins!

Get inspired by these 10 Napkin folding styles and add some interest and style to your table settings! Your family and guests will love the extra touch a beautifully folded napkin brings to the dinner table!