Did you make May Day baskets when you were a kid? I remember weaving construction paper into cone shapes when I was in elementary school. I don’t remember filling them with treats and hanging them on my neighbors’ door knobs though. That’s what’s supposed to happen, but no doubt one of my six brothers ate the candy on the bus ride home.

May Day baskets are filled with flowers or treats then left at someone’s doorstep on the first day of May. The giver knocks on their neighbor’s door and then runs away. If the receiver catches the giver, a kiss is exchanged. That sounds much more kindhearted than my brothers and I used to do after ringing our neighbors’ doorbells! (Under the advise of legal counsel, I can neither confirm nor deny allegations from the residents of Wayland Road;-)

I can’t believe all the different materials that can be used to make May Day baskets. From the ridiculous to the sublime, I hope you enjoy the creativity of these bloggers who used everything from decorative paper, tin cans, and toilet paper rolls to burlap, chicken wire, and Jiffy Pots.

Grinning Cheek to Cheek blog provides instructions and a template for these classic cone-shaped May Day baskets. All you need is some pretty paper. There are all kinds of decorative papers that are printed on both sides. They would work perfectly for these simple, kid-friendly May Day baskets.

Beth from Patina White blog decorated paper bags for her May Day baskets. I especially like the addition of the flower seed packet.

Anna from Ivory Bloom recycled soup cans for her adorable May Day baskets. She even provides a free printable May Day printable gift card.

The wonderful Inspire, Design and Create blog used clearance-sale Easter pails that only cost 50 cents. They’re perfect to plant little flowers in.

Akers of Love blog shows how to make May Day baskets from Jiffy Pots. Just cover the pots with some fabric and plant a little flower. Mrs. Aker made 9 of them for under $6.

The Three Scoops of Love blog filled old berry baskets with seedlings. Now their neighbors can transplant the flowers in their garden for everyone to enjoy.

Here’s another inexpensive, kid-friendly May Day basket idea. Everything Except The Grill blog decorated paper plates with tissue paper and constructions paper.

This May Day pocket was made with burlap and vintage lace. The crafty ladies from Beehive Art Salon made sure the burlap pocket was big enough to accommodate a Mason jar. Who wouldn’t love finding this on their doorknob?

The Miss B made her May Day baskets using empty toilet paper rolls . . . and just when I thought I’d seen every toilet paper roll craft under the sun;-)

Vanessa from Crafts Unleashed made floral wall sconces using chicken wire and moss. The yellow freesias look amazing in this rustic May Day basket.

May Day marks the midpoint between the spring equinox and summer solstice. I can’t believe we’re halfway to summer already! And if April showers really do bring May flowers, we’ll have lots of flowers in Pennsylvania to fill our May Day baskets this year. If you want to brighten your neighbors’ day or, better yet, teach your kids a lesson on thoughtfulness, make one of these cute May Day baskets with your kids and the love.