When you throw your child a birthday party, you want it to be something special. You can take your decorations to the next level of personalization by trading store-bought for hand-made as well! Luckily, with a little creativity and the right supplies, you can make your kid a DIY party they won’t easily forget.

1. Buntings

Buntings are a popular party decoration to hang along walls and from ceilings. You can make your own with some of your favorite fabric, a sewing machine, and a ribbon to hang them on.

For each triangle in your buntings, you’ll want to sew two layers. This way, no matter which way your buntings are viewed from, no one is looking at the “wrong” side of the fabric. Then, you’ll want to sew the buntings onto a length of ribbon for hanging.

2. DIY Popsicles

DIY popsicles are easier than you might think they are! The easiest way to do this DIY is to purchase a popsicle tray that you can fill to get the shape right. Then, pour your child’s favorite juice into the mold, add a popsicle stick, and let it freeze. If you want to get really creative, you can add more than one flavor for a layered frozen treat.

3. Party Name Tags

When you are planning a party, you might realize that all of your child’s friends might not know each other or you might want to plan seating arrangements. In these cases, a little cardstock, a personalized ribbon or thread, and some markers can help you make cute name tags.

If you want to try something a little different, you can also go online and design your name tags. This offers you a host of design options that you might not have thought of or been able to make on your own.

4. DIY Birthday Caps

No birthday party is complete without a set of birthday hats. You can make your very own hats out of designed cardstock. All you have to do is take a circular piece of paper and cut a slit halfway into it. Now, you can roll it into a cone and secure it into place. These can be decorated further with stickers and other supplies.

5. Cupcakes

A birthday cake is a common trope when it comes to parties but cupcakes can be a lot of fun as well. Simple iced cupcakes can get boring after a while, though. To liven things up, try using different colored icing or sprinkles and creating unique designs. By playing around with piping tips, you can also create designs such as words, looks, or even flowers.

6. Happy Birthday Letter Sign

A happy birthday sign is another staple of childhood birthday parties and it’s a quick DIY. First, cut out each letter from cardstock. You’ll want to be careful that they’re all proportionate for the best results. At the same time, you’ll want to either make sure that you have left on space to connect one letter to the next. Once each letter is cut out, you can attach them together with metal brackets to keep the letters together and flexible.

7. DIY Confetti in Different Colors

Confetti is a fun part of parties whether it’s sprinkled around beforehand or thrown around mid-party. You can make your own confetti buy buying a pack of tissue paper in different colors.

If you simply tear the tissue paper up or try to cut it haphazardly, your confetti won’t look as well done. Instead, use a hole punch on your tissue paper to make perfect little circles. To speed this process along, since tissue paper is so thin, you can punch through a couple layers at once.

8. DIY Birthday Shirts

Especially when your child is young, you want to commemorate the age they’re turning on their birthday. A great way to make a birthday party picture perfect for this is to make them shirts with their ages on them. To do this, start with a plain colored shirt and cut out the number from a different fabric that will stand out. Then, you can simply sew it on for a quick DIY birthday shirt.

9. Party Invitations

To have a party, you have to have party invitations. Once again, you can pull out your handy cardstock to make some of your own. Simply fold the paper into the shape of the card and then put another, smaller rectangle of paper on the front. On this piece, you can draw or print a design to make things festive.

10. Hanging Decorations

Finally, we will look at hanging decorations. For these, you get to be as creative as you want. You’ll want to make decorations that you want to string along the walls or from the ceiling – maybe your child’s favorite animal. Then, just attach the decorations to a decorative thread and you’re ready to go.

We hope at least a few of these 10 DIY ideas for kids’ birthday parties make their way into your party-decorating repertoire. We’d love if you told us about them in the comments below and maybe even send us pictures. And remember to come to Bright Settings if you’re looking for tablecloths and napkins to put the finishing touch on your party decorations.