Summer is here and this year more than ever due to the pandemic, Americans are gathering outdoors with family and friends.

Sales of patio tables and outdoor tables have seen a huge spike, especially tables with umbrellas, as have the complementing outdoor tablecloths with umbrella holes.

Adding an outdoor tablecloth has never been easier with the numerous fabrics and options now available. You can completely transform your table to very elegant or casual, inviting, and practical, depending on what suits your needs.

For patio tables that the umbrella is easily taken out, all you need is a tablecloth with umbrella hole. For tables that the umbrella is not removable or heavy, there are two options;

In addition to the umbrella hole, a slit is made into the cloth and once the linen is placed around the umbrella, it is closed either with a zipper or with a Velcro® fastener. The Velcro® fastener option is the better choice since laundering can cause problems with a zipper after time.

Fabric for outdoor tablecloths with umbrella holes;

There are 3 options available;

Basic Polyester is very popular because there are so many colors are available to match your decor. In addition to solid colors, Gingham checkered is very popular.

The red/white checkered pattern tugs at our sense of americana and nostalgia.

Being outdoors, many consumers prefer a heavy weight fabric such as the Panama linen.

Not only is it a very heavy linen and top quality Polyester which provides excellent color retention, but the linen is also practically wrinkle-free.

Heavy duty vinyl tablecloths are such a great and practical option as well. If guests spill lemonade or a margarita, simply wipe the spill off. After having a barbeque or seafood feast, simply spray and wipe to clean and disinfect your table.

Vinyl outdoor tablecloths and vinyl outdoor tablecloths with umbrella holes are also available as a fitted tablecloth which secures the tablecloth underneath the table with elastic.

Enjoy your great American cookout, gatherings, and summer in style!