Imagine exchanging vows at sunset with the snow-capped peaks of Mt. Kenya in the distance and doe-eyed giraffes as your witnesses. Envision your wedding party traveling by vintage safari train to your reception in a torch-lit tent and awaking the next morning surrounded by East Africa’s breathtaking beauty. Now imagine the price tag.If a destination wedding to Kenya is out of your budget, evoke the authentic feel of Kenya’s vibrant savannah, shimmering sun and vast herds of zebra and wildebeest with a Safari theme wedding.

Establishing an unforgettable safari theme begins with the selection of a color scheme, Premier Table Linen’s Kenya table linens and a few sub-Saharan elements. Kenya tablecloths, runners, napkins and sashes come in a palette of eight African-inspired tones — natural, sand, flax,sienna, jungle green, Bordeaux, chocolate, black. The damask’s organic patterning is reminiscent of big-game wildlife.

Satiny areas interwoven with shiny silk-like threads produce soft highlights on the Kenya fabric that seem to change depending on where you view it from and the room’s level of illumination.

With banquet tables dressed in Premier Table Linen’s Machine washable 100% polyester Kenya linens, the perfect setting for the romance is always close to home. Select from a huge collection of one piece fitted table covering, cloths with matching or contrasting skirts, overlays and runners. No matter what you choose, Premier’s Kenya cloth simply has no match when it comes to earthy elegance.

Natural colors form the perfect backdrop for bouquets and floral centerpieces that include tawny plumed grasses, palm fronds, and boldly colored African blooms. Spiky feathers or reeds can add height to the table displays.

A bamboo decorated altar and tent-like canopy are cozy touches. Pith helmets, animal crackers, tribal masks, and animal carvings can also enhance your safari ambiance and add a bit of whimsy.

(credit, Pash-Belman Photography)

A safari style wedding cake on a raffia “platter”, such as this one from, is a must. Served with tropical fruits, it’s a sweet finale for your special day.

Note: Look for upcoming blog post’s on Premier Table Linen’s other gorgeous damask patterns.